<25FT Sport

< 25FT Sport

McConaghy has been the build partner of choice for some of the world’s most popular personal watercraft and production boats for decades. Whether for competitive use or personal leisure, the vessels we manufacture are trusted by users worldwide for their durability, high quality and performance prowess.


Mach 2 Foiling Moth


Waszp Foiling Moth


Elliot 7

McConaghy Unders 25ft Sports Elliot 6 147 Units Built

Elliot 6

Vortex Pod Renders 001




18ft Foiling Skiff 45

Built (Qty): 200+
Launched: 1965 to date

Team Ziti

Design: Murray Ultimate 30
Launched: 1990

Bladerider Moth

LOA: 3.55m
Built (Qty): 218

Elliot 7

LOA: 7m
Beam: 2.3m
Draft: 1.65m
Displacement: 850kg
Built (Qty): 24+
Launched: 2013 to date

Elliot 6

LOA: 6.18m
Beam: 2.3m
Draft: 1.6m
Displacement: 600kg
Built (Qty): 130+
Launched: 2009 to date

Optimist Sailor

LOA: 2.36m
Beam: 1.12m

Melges 20

LOA: 6.1m
Beam: 2.1m
Draft: 1.37m
Weight: 520kg
Built (Qty): 55
Launched: 2008

McConaghy Performance Cruisers 20001206 Emotional Hooligan

Emotional Hooligan

Design: Farr40
Launched: 1999