This accolade is extremely important to us and a huge endorsement for the Vortex Pod Racer’s future as a foiling craft that everyone can enjoy.

The Vortex pod racer is the perfect culmination of McConaghy’s composite expertise, high-performance design and build ability, and foiling know-how.  With the creation of the pod racer, we set out with the distinct mission to bring foiling to the mass market place and make the sporting activity accessible to those with no prior experience – bridging the gap between the extreme sports sector, marine leisure and water sports industries, and sailing.

Eliminating the previously prohibitive factors of agility, fitness and sailing knowledge, the Vortex pod racer moves high-performance foiling into a new era.

The foils are designed to be stable at speed, allowing the V-Pilot to soar like a graceful bird or with the aggressive dynamics of a fighter jet.

The Vortex’s innovatively simple control system allows the V-Pilot three-dimensional freedom while flying approximately one metre above the water at speeds of 30 knots.

We are extremely excited to see the pod racers in action around the world, and look forward to building a community of pod pilots who can race in person or via virtual connection, and share in the incredible world of foiling.

Visit Vortexpodracer.com for further details.