With manufacturing facilities in Australia and China, McConaghy deploys its wealth of talent across a number of different divisions.

McConaghy clients benefit from the professional project management skills applied to every project undertaken. McConaghy has a reputation among its many repeat clients as their ‘go-to’ builder; an organisation with the skill, experience and tenacity to tackle the most complex challenges and a track record of being able to deliver flawless products on time and on budget, no matter how complex the brief.

Our Shipyards


The strategic location of our largest shipyard in southern China, close to Hong Kong, brings multiple benefits. Key advantages include scale, skilled labour and disciplined craftsmen, international transport connections and lower overheads.

McConaghy is a 100% foreign-owned enterprise and this means we have full control and ownership of the facility, which is run to the same exceptional standards as our Sydney site.

McConaghy have excellent relationships with both reliable China-based supply chain partners and international providers, and have secure access to a wide array of high-quality materials and equipment. Our neighbours in China include many of the world’s leading product, tech and software manufacturers such as BMW, Dell, HP, Intel, IBM, Samsung and Sony, and the region attracts many highly skilled and extremely talented engineers, technical and design staff.

Our China shipyard has enabled us to significantly scale McConaghy’s manufacturing capabilities, and develop production runs of yachts like our world class foiling moth; the Mach 2, and the McConaghy Multihull series.

China’s annual infrastructure spending now surpasses that of the United States and the European Union combined. Having a facility in China has enabled investment in new high-end manufacturing equipment and allowed us to establish a scalable base for building large, high performance, race yachts and superyachts.


McConaghy’s premises in Sydney encompasses some 1,600 square metres of factory space and 1,760 square metres of yard space.
The team there has built some of the most impressive maxi yachts and successful One-Design classes, and continues to specialise in making iconic, one-off composite racing and luxury performance monohulls. In addition, they build impressive composite structures for the Royal Australian Navy, the Australian National Science Agency and several other notable institutions.

Technical Knowledge

We are constantly innovating, testing and improving our techniques, applying composite technology to new fields as well as refining the production, mechanical properties, and minimising the weight of composites in existing applications.

Most of McConaghy’s manufacturing techniques are proprietary and remain in-house, and have
been developed through extensive testing programs on numerous projects. McConaghy has experience with every moulding method and mould material, which can be adapted and optimised to suit each customer’s unique requirements.

McConaghy appreciates the need for a close collaboration between the builder, yacht designer, composite engineer, material suppliers, project manager and client. McConaghy have worked successfully with many design teams over the years, including Banuls, Botin, Dubois, Dunning, Elliott, Farr, Frers, Juan Design, Judel Vrolijk, Ker, Lutra, McDougall, Mills, Owen Clarke, Reichel/Pugh and Shuttleworth.

McConaghy also has a close working relationship with a range of composite engineers such as, Gurit, SDK, HDS and Pure Design, and we source the best quality materials from a variety of outlets depending on design requirements, including Gurit, Cytek, Newport Prepregs, Euro-Composites and Schutz. With
each new project, McConaghy produces numerous panels for testing – collaborating with engineers and material suppliers, we ensure that the desired weight and structural properties will be achieved before construction starts.

Maintaining a keen focus on research and development, which now extends to non-marine applications, we have assembled a team of in-house experts covering all facets of composite building to create a company with unique capabilities.

Stronger. Lighter. Faster.

Pushing the Boundaries

Innovation, R&D, and advancing all aspects of composite technology has been integral to the DNA of McConaghy since the beginning.

McConaghy has developed and continued to refine techniques for ensuring bonding between honeycomb cores (both Kevlar and Nomex) and carbon skins are robust and reliable. McConaghy has developed techniques for thermoforming Kevlar and nomex honeycomb cores as well as Corecell foams in-house, ensuring that engineers can specify the best properties in the most challenging geometry.

McConaghy utilise the latest techniques and machinery for the moulding of prepreg composite structures. This allows us to produce: Autoclaved female moulded cored & monolithic structures (such as MACH2 moth hulls & components) in CNC milled steel, aluminium & composite tools; Autoclaved mandrel moulded cored & monolithic structures (such as yacht masts & booms); High temperature cured yacht
hulls, decks and structures; Female mould carbon tools (infused over male plug); and direct CNC milled female hull and deck tools.

From the pristine paint finish to the smaller details of the custom cabinetry, McConaghy ensure that every boat leaves the shipyard completed to the highest possible standard.

McConaghy has experience building to various classification and certification standards including: BV, DNV, GL, IMCI and EC and McConaghy is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

For more than 50 years McConaghy has been driven by these imperatives and we continue to push the boundaries in pursuit of ever-improved performance. Our continual innovation and investment in new materials and technologies, has allowed us to firmly establish our position at the forefront of progressive high-performance, and now also luxurious, yacht building.