McConaghy appointed exclusive build partner for the next generation Infiniti 52

McConaghy is delighted to announce its appointment as the exclusive build partner for the next generation of Infiniti 52 racing yachts.

The Infiniti 52 is designed and engineered to deliver next level offshore racing performance. Built around a highly efficient transverse DSS foil, the Infiniti 52 provides proven performance without the risk and cost of more complex class-driven foil solutions.

“No one has more experience in building racing yachts of this size and we have complete confidence that the next generation of Infiniti 52s will benefit from being built by McConaghy.

The collaboration will enable us to bring a Grand Prix offshore racing yacht to the market at a competitive price point. Equally, the partnership between the two companies is already reaping rewards as we review how to optimise structures and details in the build of the Infiniti 52.” – Gordon Kay, Founder of Infiniti Yachts

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